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Instead of joining in the back-to-school excitement for Grandview Middle School, 12-year-old Morgan Johnson left for Monaco and perhaps the start of a new career of professional dancing.

The week prior to her departure date on September 8, Morgan is calm and serene “A bit” anxious, but she is also “excited to begin the next chapter of my personal life,”” she told me.

Morgan is a ballet dancer from the age of 7 , and other forms of dance from the age of three.

“She’s has that spark in her when dance,” Mom says Dayna Johnson.“Of course, watching your daughter of 12 move abroad is quite difficult, especially in the fact that we’ve did not anticipate her leaving the house this early, but we’re thrilled for her and help in any way that we can.

The idea of Morgan going to ballet school professionally and eventually becoming the principal dancer of a professional ballet troupe, and performing as Giselle (“I’d like to play her in the future!” Morgan says) began to become more realistic during Youth America.This year was a great year.The price (YAGP).

Morgan’s participation in the annual competition for scholarships led to him being invited, and full scholarships, for the Princess Grace Academy and at the age of almost two years younger than what the school allows.normally.

“I pretty sure knew the answer immediately I just had to follow my heart and follow my love for what I do,” Morgan said, his smile expanding.

“Especially being from such small a town, it’s exciting to look at the amazing opportunities that occur,” adds Dayna.

Morgan’s teachers in WestMet Classical Training in Long Lake when she first discovered the YAGP.Morgan is one of Allynne Noelle and Thomas Brown’s very first pupils when they first opened WestMet, Morgan having previously worked with Noelle when they were both in The Summit Dance Shoppe in Plymouth.

“She’s more of an anomaly in the world of dancing,” says Noelle.“She has an abundance of natural talent and is extremely talented.She’s also a perfectionist which is great for dance.

The only weakness Morgan was facing when she got at home, Noelle says, was an excess of energy which Noelle claims Morgan has used for her benefit.

Noelle Brown and Brown were both able to build their own professional careers in ballet prior to forming WestMet in the year 2000. Noelle claims that an invitation to the Princess Grace is “an amazing chance” for students who want to advance their ballet career to the next level: graduation there requires the signing up with an elite ballet company which the academy aids in coordination.

“Morgan is basically prepared to go out into the world now, and for her professional career,” Noelle explains.“She’s simply an unstoppable force today.She was bound to accomplish amazing things in ballet, and she’s found one of the most prestigious schools around the world which will assist her in making her dream come true.

The goal is to be invited back every year.

“She is just discovering the joy of it because of her teachers, and, in particular, in the last few years, she has been focusing in ballet.It’s like she’s found something that is in her heart through ballet, that inspires the girl “says Dayna.