Within one of the leading brokerage firms in the industry

With roots dating back to 1975, Burgess is an established name in the yachting world. Since its inception, it has grown into a global network of 14 successful offices that have sold some of the most notable and expensive yachts in the world. With 80 yachts currently on the market, Burgess is a brokerage that many owners turn to when they want to sell a yacht quickly and efficiently – and it’s this stellar sales process that accounts for much of the company’s success. ‘company.

To learn more about this business process and the “DNA of Burgess,” BOAT speaks with Richard Lambert, Senior Partner and Head of Sales for Burgess, at the firm’s Monaco office.

Yachting is all about relationships

From day one, Burgess has put its customers first. Owners who have sold their yachts with Burgess will have been offered everything from a glossy photo shoot to in-depth pricing advice. “We view yacht ownership as a journey where we can ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for the client,” says Lambert.

The Burgess philosophy is to assign a point of contact to each client which is supported by the global team of brokers. “Each client has a direct broker and that person brings together expertise from across the business. This includes yacht management, insurance, crew services, new build and charter. In fact, the entire team of 31 brokers works for you with a single point of contact”, explains Lambert

“Providing 360 degree service to our customers is what drives us and has led Burgess to the enviable position it holds today,” he continues. “I’m proud to say that the majority of our clients have taken advantage of the full range of services we have to offer and have established long-term relationships with their brokers. »

Get instant exposure

Most owners looking to sell their yacht would like an easy transaction. Therefore, owners who choose to sell with Burgess will have their yacht listings shared everywhere. “Our position in the yachting industry and the relationships we have built over the past 45 years as a business means that an owner looking to sell not only gets exposure for their yacht through our global network than 14 offices, but exposure to the most qualified clients looking to buy,” says Lambert. Burgess also maintains relationships with all relevant media outlets that target high net worth individuals. “Our in-house marketing team is dedicated to delivering balanced and effective sales,” he adds. “They are second to none.”

However, this exposure does not have to be public. “There are a number of yachts that we have sold through very low-key campaigns, which have not been offered for sale publicly,” he adds. An owner still has the opportunity to sell a yacht off the market by tapping into the company’s clientele, which includes a variety of nationalities and professions, as well as a growing number of young clients and new buyers.

Extensive internal research indicates that the majority (65.4%) of Burgess’ current clientele are individuals who acquired their wealth, while 10.7% inherited it. The remaining 24% is a mix of the two. “Being on a superyacht isn’t just the best vacation you can have, it’s where multiple generations can spend time together in a unique environment,” Lambert continues.

A successful track record

With 27 sales this year so far, Burgess remains at the forefront of an “incredibly active market”. These sales have seen people like the 89 meters Cloud 9the 30.4 meters Humming-birdand the 43 meters EVA. 4EVA change hands. As Lambert explains, a successful transaction for Burgess is one where a client has received the best advice, has been able to find the perfect yacht for their needs, and the transaction has been completed professionally and smoothly.

“Year after year, Burgess has built the most successful sales program in the world of superyachting,” says Lambert. “Over the past two years, it has been exciting to see a number of new customers become first-time owners.” And despite the many pressures in the large yacht market due to current world events, the team at Burgess is still experiencing high demand for both purchase and charter. “Which I think shows how Burgess is the go-to broker in the industry,” says Lambert.

For more advice on how to sell a yacht with Burgess, contact the team directly here. Or visit the Burgess team at Cannes Yachting Festival 2022, taking place September 6-11, at Superyacht Extension SYE 236 in the Old Port to discuss your yachting needs or view a selection of exceptional yachts, which will be exhibited at Port Pierre Canto.

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