Mayfield Heights discusses $34 million aquatic community center – News-Herald

Mayfield Heights City Council is discussing funding allocation for the final approved site plan for the city’s new community center, which is expected to cost more than $34 million.

The special meeting was held on July 25 to discuss the construction of a new community center at 6306 Marsol Road.

The project was originally to build a community swimming pool on the site of the old centre, but after further review and discussion, a plan for the construction of a new community center was drawn up.

The building will be approximately 33,500 square feet and will include new amenities, technology and water facilities for the citizens of Mayfield Heights.

AM Higley and Co. presented plans for the construction of the center at a cost of $34 million, leaving room for additional costs in the form of contingency funds.

“Contingencies are in place in case there are any unforeseen issues with the construction itself,” said Recreation Director Sean Ward. “We haven’t had any issues yet. If anything goes wrong, it could be over a million dollars.

There has been discussion and debate regarding the plan, with some council members expressing concerns about city funds being allocated to the center with the looming threat of a recession.

“We need this center because right now we don’t have a facility like this for our community,” Mayor Anthony DiCicco said. “We can go through it piece by piece and keep debating it, but in the end, we need a community center.”

Pro-Tem Council President Gayle Teresi expressed concern.

“We could be in a desperate situation between inflation and recession,” she said. “People have a hard time paying for gas, no. We have to be aware of what we’re doing and how we’re spending our money.”

Council members in favor of the plan also raised concerns about the speed of the decision.

The plan was approved by a 4-3 vote with board members Donald Manno, Susan A. Sabetta, Michael J. Ballistrea, and Diane M. Snider voting in favor of the plan, and Tersei, Robert DeJohn, and Nino Monaco voting against. .