Manchester City’s 10 most expensive signings of all time

Manchester CityThe story of changed in 2008 when Mansur bin Zayed bought the club. The Arab Sheikh paid the former owner £150million to buy City, and the Citizens became one of the most powerful teams in the world.

Since then, Mansour bin Zayed has invested over $1 billion in player signings. As one of the most powerful clubs, Manchester City can hire the best coaches and recruit the best footballers in the world.

Manchester City are often criticized for the amount of money they spend on signings, and the response from Pep Guardiola it is : “To win a lot of titles, you have to have the best players, and the best players cost money. That’s my thought”. But who have been the most expensive signings in Manchester City’s history?

Manchester City’s 10 most expensive signings of all time

For the 10 most expensive transfers in its history, Manchester City paid 685,700,000 euros. Four are defenders, three are midfielders and three are forwards. Only two of those 10 players haven’t been signed by Guardiola.

10. Mendi

In 2017, Manchester City paid €57,500,000 for monaco to acquire Benjamin Mendy. The Frenchman played 75 games for the Citizens until extra-sporting problems kept him away from the pitch.

9. Haaland

Erling Haaland has been signed by Manchester City and will join the team at the end of the season. The 23-year-old Norwegian is one of the best strikers in the world. The English team paid Borussia Dortmund €60,000,000 for him.

8. Rodri

In 2019, Rodri left Atlético Madrid join Manchester City in exchange for €62,700,000. The Spaniard is a key player for Guardiola. Since joining City he has played 148 games, and this season he has played 42 games.

7. British Pound

Manuel Pellegrini was manager of the Citizen when Raheem Sterling joined the club. In 2015, Manchester City paid €63,700,000 for liverpool for him, and since then he has played 337 games and scored 130 goals.

6. Laporte

Manchester City have bought Aymeric Laporte from athletic club for €65,000,000 in 2018. The central defender is generally a starter and has shown a high level since he has been at the club.

5. Cancel

João Cancelo joined Manchester City in 2019 from Juventus in exchange for €65,000,000. “At first it was difficult, we didn’t agree on a lot of things. Partly because of my mistakes, but everyone knows how important he was this season and how important he has been for the last two or three years. He’s an amazing person; I am delighted that he is happy here and that he can play for years. He can play in several positions. Guardiola said about Cancelo.

4. Mahrez

In 2018, Manchester City signed Riyad Mahrez from Leicester for €67,800,000. The right winger is a very talented player with a super 1v1.

3. Slides

In 2020, Manchester City paid €68,000,000 for Benfica to acquire Rubén Dias. “In the morning, he works every day in the gym and eats perfectly. He lives this profession 24 hours a day. He is a guy who can play every three days and recover immediately. Having a player like this shows to how important he is to the team”admitted Guardiola.

2. De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne joined Manchester City in 2015. The Belgian was asked by then-manager Pellegrini and the English club paid Wolfsburg 76,000,000 euros for him. However, in 2016 Guardiola was hired as Manchester City’s new manager, and since then De Bruyne has become a key player for him. “He is the best in the world at his position”, said the Spanish coach. Since joining Manchester City, striker Millfield has played 304 games and scored 82 goals.

1. Grealish

Jack Grealish joined Manchester City in 2021. The English player had been one of the best players in the Premier League, and City paid Aston Villa €117,500,000 for him. However, the 26-year-old’s performance is still not the best and since joining the club, he has played 37 games and scored five goals.