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Online games are becoming an increasingly popular form of entertainment for various segments of the population, and the demand for them continues to grow. In the future, experts predict further growth in the gaming industry due to the increase in Internet audience, development of payment systems, investment in game development, appearance of successful new projects and the growing popularity of social networks. Therefore, promoting a personal brand in this area is of great importance. In this article, we will look at how to build a community of loyal gamers and monetize it further.

First steps in promotion

The target audience for gaming sites is young people who focus on social media. So now Instagram is the best place for promotion, where users with maximum involvement are represented, geographical barriers are erased and there is a wide variety of advertising tools and options to earn: direct contracts with advertisers, cooperation with game developers, affiliate programs, selling own training materials, etc.

To start, you need to choose a narrow niche and decide on the topic of the blog. Some bloggers take scoring games as their base. The more the product is known on the market, the more brands there are already created and the stronger the competition. Therefore, blogging about a well-known game requires coming up with a unique idea and an original presentation. Some bloggers are betting on a freer niche, new products that may also become popular in the future.

Blogging is constant and energy-consuming work. Thus, choosing your favorite game will help in terms of regularity of content: it is important to play and shoot daily, to communicate with the public, to invent new tactics, etc. and it’s easier to do when you’re a fan of the certain game.

How to design an Instagram profile?

The profile is the face of the player, so he must engage from the first seconds and create a first impression of confidence. Think of a short, memorable nickname and use a close-up, high-quality, high-contrast personal photo as your avatar. It is effective to add triggers to the photo that reflect the theme of the game.

In the profile description, indicate the key theses that reflect your activity and confirm your experience and expertise with figures, facts or statistics.

An important design element is popularity level. In the beginning, it is effective to buy real Instagram followers and other popularity metrics to elevate your brand status, create demand effect and keep the attention of new audience.

How to develop a content strategy?

Before forming a content strategy, it is important to research the interests of your target audience. To do this, it is effective to analyze your competitors, determine the most popular topics and create an initial content plan.

Since gamers follow the release of new games, their releases and are often interested in when to expect the next release, you can post the latest industry news on the blog.

Typically, most of the subscribers are newcomers to gaming. They often look for clear guides online to help them understand the intricacies of the game. So, in the posts, list the main difficulties that beginner players face, explain why a certain problem occurs and emphasize how players can improve their ranking. This way you show that you understand the pains of your target audience.

Often games offer such a selection of characters, weapons, etc., that novice players are simply lost. Help them in their choice by making an independent evaluation: list the advantages and disadvantages of the options, and place a comparison table with the important characteristics.

A player’s desire to compare themselves to other players is valuable currency to your business. So, stimulate excitement with real searches and rankings, dilute the text with graphics and information tables, emphasize the elite status of the best players and tell how to quickly pump up the character.

Help users decide which game deserves their attention. Conduct a comparative analysis in different genres. List projects similar to their favorite classics, engage readers with short videos, and include new and old games in the list.

Content that meets the needs of the target audience will elicit a lot of reactions from users and trigger the process of organic scaling. To speed up the results, it is effective to buy Instagram followers, likes, comments, etc. This will create a powerful social proof trigger, increase new user trust and reach.

How to attract a new audience?

Research shows that gamers respond best to Instagram Stories ads that include minimal text and dynamic video.

To grab and hold someone’s attention, it’s important to get the gist of your message across in seconds. It doesn’t matter if you’re showing a trailer for a new game or want to talk about the availability of a demo or downloadable content. According to the results of the study, the best conversions were displayed by advertisements that convey one or two key messages in three seconds.

Don’t complicate your ads. The less text in the ad, the greater the emphasis on visual content. Although players watch ads longer, their attention gradually decreases, so longer ads (more than 13 seconds) are not as effective as ads shorter than 10 seconds.

But simplifying does not mean limiting creativity. The Stories format is combined with camera effects, augmented reality, and interactive technologies, so people expect ads on this platform to be more modern and immersive. This helps to stand out from the competition, engage the audience and demonstrate the strengths of the product.

Although more people in stories watch videos with sound, it’s important to consider all options and make sure the meaning of the ad is clear even without sound.

In summary, a gaming blog on Instagram is a long-term project, which requires regularity in actions and a global approach. With the right approach, you will form a valuable asset, which will yield huge financial opportunities from afar.